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Revenue Model

At Metacade we use revenue to support the continued development of the business and give value to $MCADE holders.

Metacade Revenue Streams

Subscribers - People joining the Metacade platform will pay a monthly subscription to generate their digital pass and gain access to all the games, opportunities and rewards.
Tournaments - Paying to enter 48 hour speed tournaments, joining leagues and competing over the long term will be very popular on our platform.
Testing - Games of all stages can be listed with bounties, prizes and giveaways to incentivize community participation to play and offer feedback in our plug and play model.
Advertising - Gaming studios will pay for premium advertising packages across our platform to ensure their games get the best coverage and gamer acquisition.
Partner Studios - Monthly and annual partnerships are made available to individual creators or established studios looking to list games, increase awareness and gamer acquisition.
Metacade revenues will funnel into value for token holders

$MCADE Utility

Burn - Every transaction on our platform will initiate a buyback and burn which means we will actively take a percentage of the sale and buy $MCADE on the open market and burn it for good removing that token amount forever.
Staking - Platform transactions contribute towards buying $MCADE on the open market and providing it as staking rewards for token holders keen to support the project over the long term.
Rewards - Metacade incentivises content contributors who post videos, articles, reviews and positively contribute to growth of the business. A contribution pool full of $MCADE is constantly topped up and distributed to the top contributors.
Operations - A bull run is great but a sustainable, scalable business that accrues in value all year round is the goal here. We will focus on job creation, growth and ensuring that market conditions do not affect the pace in which we increase market share.
Marketing - Metacade has a mission to become the number one community platform in gaming. Global marketing is key to our success so a percentage of revenue is allocated to ongoing marketing ensuring as much value can be generated in the $MCADE token.